Most products embody solutions for a problem. This project, however, originated from an experiment. I wanted to see whether it was possible to make a material that could have two different properties when heated; a flexible state and a more rigid state. This means that a product, which had to be made out of two materials before, can now be produced with just one material. The potential of such an experiment is that an appliance can be chosen that suits the material best.

Sunshades are known to be very muggy and usually block all the sunlight. Sometimes however, half-shadow is desirable too. This is how I came up with the idea of weaving polypropylene ropes into a sunshade. The woven material would be partially heated to strengthen locally. The sunshade functions as a wicker roof above you. It casts a shadow of a fine hole pattern, which provides shelter from the sun.

The supporting pillar of the sunshade enables one to adjust the roof in slope and height.

By using polypropylene, the product is suited for outdoor use and adequate against rain and sun. Polypropylene is a sustainable material that functions for a long time.