Everybody has heard about climate change.

Only few people know what they can do about it or know how to make a difference.

The goal of this project is for people to become more aware of the fact that eating meat causes a great deal of climate change. To make a difference in this matter I hope to interest people and adjust their demand of meat. When the demand of meat decreases, big companies will decrease their production. By doing so, the real difference will be made.

It is important that people are aware that decreasing their meat consumption will contribute to battling climate change. It is not necessary yet to abolish meat entirely, when enough people decrease their meat consumption.

Wereldburger is a game for small kids, where you need to put as many toppings on your burger in as little time as possible. The less meat you use as a topping, the more points you receive. With those points you can collect puzzle pieces to build an icecap together.

The name of the game, Wereldburger (in English Worldburger), has a double meaning in Dutch. Apart from the meaning of hamburger, the Dutch word ‘burger’ can also mean ‘citizen’.

The goal of the game is to inform kids at a young age what it means to eat meat, and what consequences it has if we continue at this pace.

Kids learn fast and are the future of the world. By involving them in this matter this early, they will hopefully be more aware when they grow older.